Thursday, May 31, 2012

Look at us NOW!!

Do you all remember this blog?? Specifically I mean do you remember these little babies??

These are my little tomato and pepper seedlings I started back in march....well, look at us now!!!!

I planted them in the garden beds about a month ago (when all chance of frost was passed). We had such a mild winter, it was VERY tempting to put them in earlier, but you can never predict the weather around here.

Here's what they looked like when we put them in the ground.

We've planted 8 big boy tomatoes, 4 cherry tomatoes, and 4 bell peppers.

I was very protective of these this year. We seem to have an infiltration of rabbits in the neighborhood, so the bamboo stakes are in place to hold up some loose deer netting. I'll take it down once we start having fruits.

We already have some flowers! See the little yellow flowers!! Those will become tomatoes!! I've read you should pinch off the first flowers to promote more growth, but I'm not going to do that this year and see what happens.

These are the peppers. For some reason they never thrive like the tomatoes do. We'll have to see what happens this year!
I've also planted several lettuces (lettuci? Haha) which may need to be reseeded because they are doing much and 2 rows of carrots (seen below)

In the 2nd (smaller) bed, my dad and I built a climbing trellis for the viney plants. I didn't start these plants from seed, but I plan on it next year.

The trellis is made from PVC piping which we spray painted to be prettier. The legs extend about 6 in into the ground and are attached to the inside walls of the garden bed with half-moon brackets. Otherwise, it's just elbows and 3-way connectors to build the configuration we wanted. We decided on an I type shape. I then used eye-hooks and twine to weave a netting for the vines to grow up. Hopefully it works well and will be strong enough for all of it!!

In the front I have some sunflowers growing which I planted from seed, then I also have beans, sugar snaps, cantaloupes, cucumbers and basil (from my mother that she started from seed).

Next year I'd like to know who'd be interested in some of my plants! I had way too many started from seed. I hate to see them go to waste!! You don't have to have a huge garden, you can even grow a tomato in a pot!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Lucy's Weekend

You all know we are obsessed love our dogs! We kind of have a thing for mutts!

Sweet Jimmy!
Sweet jimmy was a rescue dog through the ADRATI association in Richmond.

Wade just couldnt resist those sweet puppy eyes!

We also have another dog who is not quite a mutt...I guess "technically" Schatzi is a "designer dog". But who really wants to get technical anyhow...let's call it how it is :) She's not pure bred, hence a beautiful mutt!

These two mutts are best of friends and we feel very fortunate organizations such as ADRATI, BARK, and the SPCA are around to find dogs a good and loving home.

We also love wine, live music and fun with good friends!! So when we came across a weekend event at a nearby winery, we jumped barked at the opportunity to check it out in support of a good organization.

Lucy's weekend is an annual event held at Cooper Vineyards. Cooper Vineyards is about an hour from Richmond. Dogs were allowed, but if we're being honest, our dogs are not really well behaved enough for an event like this. We had never been before, didn't really know what to expect, and it was pushing 100 degrees, so we regretfully left the pooches at home in a/c. We did however pick up our friend Andrea and her fill in boyfriend, Rio, on the way out of town.

The tasting glasses were ADORABLE!! I don't usually care too much for the glasses with so much advertising on them, but these were great!!! We'll definitely hang onto them!
Andrea and Rio at the tasting counter. We went through the whole list!! Whew!! Glad we were planning on staying for a while! My favorites were St.Stephens Rose, Coopertage, Norton Reserve, Rhapsody, Soleil (super sweet but would be delicious over grilled peaches and ice cream!). I also have always been a fan of their Sangria. Unfortunately ABC has changed the laws and they can no longer sell their sangria-pack that you mix yourself!! It's solo delicious!! But they still had a few packs left my honey surprised me so we can have it for a party sometime!
Haha!! Thought this was so cute!!


While we were tasting, Rio was checking out the other dogs!

This mama had her "sexy leg" out! That's what her owner called it!!

Great bluegrass band!!

Andrea bought us a bottle to share. We had also packed a small picnic....blueberries, strawberries, cheese and crackers, and guacamole!

This pooch needed to "chill out" :)

Rio says hello!!!

How about a kiss???

We walked through the vineyard a little too! Here we were really grateful we had not brought our pups. We do not want to be held responsible for no wine for next year!!! Haha!


Baby grapes on the vine!

Virginia's Grape!!


Just being silly!!
Hope you all had a great weekend as well!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

$20 Party = Priceless Fun

Once a month we get together with one of our favorite couples, Andrea and Jared, for an inexpensive double-date night. We rotate houses to share the cooking and cleaning responsibilities. Before the night ends, we choose the date and food for the next month so there is no stress in trying to plan a menu. Wade and I look forward to this so much!!


Last month we had decided on Taco Salads for May 25th at our house! The first of these dinners with the new kitchen! Well, Fridays are my day off, and I had gone by a nearby consignment store just to poke around and came across these little gems that inspired me to spice up the decorations a little bit!

Are you ready for this??????

I know it's Memorial Day weekend, so a red, white, and blue theme would have been more appropriate...but who doesn't get excited about a Mexican luau!! :)

I also stopped by the dollar tree to add a few more touches of festivity and for less than $8 I came up with all this!!

I guess this was kind of my attempt to throw in a little memorial day fireworks decor!

We even had Skinny Sangria!!

  • 1 bottle inexpensive red wine
  • 1 cup fresca
  • 1 cup club soda
  • Fruit of your choice

For the taco salads, I spritzed some tortilla shells with cooking spray and baked them at 375 for 15 min over muffin cups to make taco bowls!

Also on the menu:

  • Cilantro-lime rice (I tried to make it like chipotle's but it turned out a little mushy, I would try something different next time)
  • Black beans
  • Fajita steak, chicken, peppers, onion
  • Guacamole
  • Lettuce, salsa, sour cream, cheese


And the grand finale for the evening!!!!!!

LIMBO!!! Haha!!

We cranked up Chubby Checker's tune on YouTube and limbo'd! What a silly time, but Soooo much fun!!!

Glad we have friends just as silly as us to have a great time!!

The menu for next month: Fish and grilled peaches drizzled with wine :)