Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 9: Sunny Sidmouth

Wade and I rode back with Uncle Dave and Aunt Kate. On the way back to their house, we stopped in Sidmouth where my other cousin, Jo, was vacationing with her husband Simon, and their 3 children, Catherine, Olivia and Edward. We had a great time visiting with them!

Edward really liked Wade!

Simon had fixed a quiche for lunch! Here's all of us around the table!

Merengue and berries for dessert!
Outside the house, typical English afternoon...bowls on the lawn!
We walked through town to the beach.

Catherine outside the flower shop!

Cute! Cute! Cute!

We sat on the rocks while the children played and Simon and Catherine went into the sea. Then my camera battery died, and the spare was back at the house...what a shame!!!

I think the next series of pictures are pretty funny!

I could never get them all looking at the camera!!

We had brought these shirts for the girls...and the Yankee doodle shirt Edward was wearing earlier.

We had tea, then Edward put the tea cozy on Wade's head'


It was time to leave

Waving good bye!!!

Day 8: Pitch and Putt

Today was the windiest day of all in Bude. Fortunately it was the last day, so we had done most of the things we had wanted to do. The weather in the morning was pretty rainy and not very nice. Most of spent the mornings in the shops. It cleared up for the afternoon, but it was incredibly WINDY. Could have almost knocked us over!! We decided we would try a game of pitch and putt. (it's like mini golf, but more like real golf)

The men

After golf, I was anxious to have a real Cornish cream tea. So, we went in search and found they had them at the falcon hotel.

Tea, scones, strawberry jam, and clotted cream

For our last dinner, we had real English fish and chips. I don't know how I forgot to take pictures, but I did....

Day 7: wade's birthday and the toothless tea garden

The big 3-0!

We all tried to surprise Wade for breakfast for his birthday! We had hung up some banners to make the day a little bit more festive. I had also asked family and friends to send cards to my parents house ahead of time. I don't think he was expecting all the thoughtful cards.


After breakfast, we decided to walk to the toothless tea house. Well, my family just calls it the toothless because the lady that runs it was..well...toothless. But she has teeth now. We tried to time it with the tide so we could walk there along the beach, but we were a little late getting going. Some of tried anyways....
aunt Jane quickly turned back, but uncle Dave was determined to keep going.

watching the surfers. It was a good day for waves.

Bec, mark, wade, and I climbed over the rocks to avoid getting soaked by the tide coming in.
Some parts were easier than others.

It's a nice sight to look at the cliffs from the beach. They are impressively tall.
The three dots on the top of the cliff are Aunt Jane, Aunt Kate and Jimmo!

The tea house!
Uncle Dave didn't quite escape the incoming tide...neither did his phone, wallet or pipe!

Walking back along the cliffs.
These are traditional Cornish pasties and a sausage roll. Delicious!!
For dinner, we went to a restaurant called urchin's. We came back to the hotel for cake for Wade's birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBS! Hope you had a nice day celebrating!!