Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 5: Stonehenge and Bude...the swim

Sorry for the ending of the last post. Blogsy was not cooperating :(

Moving along...we had a long drive from Suffolk to Bude,so we planned on leaving at 530 am. We were pretty much on time. A couple of hours down the road we stopped for breakfast. Then we were very near Stonehenge.

Pretty anticlimactic I think. I had been before, but Wade was really interested in seeing it. It always looks so much bigger in the pictures. Still pretty impressive that it's 5000 (?) years old.


We arrived in Bude around lunch time. What a gorgeous day and an even better view. Since there is no predicting what the weather will be like, there was no wasting time to get in the sea. It was cold, but Wade ran in like David Hasselhoff, and everyone was impressed!

Our view

Our hotel

Summerleaze beach
Crookletts beach

A little hesitant....

Wade gave it a thumbs up, but he's not been anxious to get in again since!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing. We had a nice dinner at the Falcon Hotel.


  1. Love the pictures. Did anyone time it? Remember it only counts if your in at least 5 minutes.