Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 6: Bude...the horrid hills

Today we did the walk along the horrid hills. We estimate the walk to be about 6-7 miles with 2 tea stops along the way (and ice cream at the end). Oh the suffering :) The weather didn't look to promising when we left, but it wasn't cold, or extremely windy, so we decided to give it a go anyways. Glad we did because it really turned out to be perfect and blue skies!


Low tide
Through the stiles, one at a time
Compass Point
My favorite scenery picture
Wade checking out the view

Don't get too close
Group photo: me, AJ, Wade, Bec, Jimmo, Aunt Kate, Uncle Dave, Mark

The rocks down below

The barms on the benches

Now going over the fields to the tea room
Along the canal for the way back home.

Took it easy in the afternoon, and ordered pizza for dinner. How's this for a sunset to top off the night!



  1. Oh, lovely blog. I want to know though WHO took the group photo? Everybody in the picture.