Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 4: Punting in Cambridge

For those of you that have never heard of punting....well, we never had either. It's probably best described through pictures. We got to Cambridge (about an hours drive) around lunch time. We watched for a few minutes to gather some pointers, then went to lunch.

After lunch, we rented a boat and were on our way.

our boat....luck number 13 haha!

I was volunteered to be the first punter

The men relaxed...

Bec and I decided to trade at a rather unoppurtune time....

We ended up in the willow trees!!

Pretty hilarious!!

The scenery was beautiful!

Swans came along...they were pretty aggressive.

Looking for our picnic basket....Wade wasn't a fan!!! Haha! Mark fought them off with his paddle!

The river was VERY crowded. One girl got her pole wedged going under a short bridge. Fortunately there were enough boats around, as her boat kept going, she could just jump into the stranger's boat behind her. Haha! Also good for a laugh!!

Wade's turn!!!

Just an afternoon on the river.

Working hard to steer with the paddle!


  1. Never had a chance to try punting. Looks like a lot of fun.