Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 8: Pitch and Putt

Today was the windiest day of all in Bude. Fortunately it was the last day, so we had done most of the things we had wanted to do. The weather in the morning was pretty rainy and not very nice. Most of spent the mornings in the shops. It cleared up for the afternoon, but it was incredibly WINDY. Could have almost knocked us over!! We decided we would try a game of pitch and putt. (it's like mini golf, but more like real golf)

The men

After golf, I was anxious to have a real Cornish cream tea. So, we went in search and found they had them at the falcon hotel.

Tea, scones, strawberry jam, and clotted cream

For our last dinner, we had real English fish and chips. I don't know how I forgot to take pictures, but I did....

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